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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is one of the most smoked sativa strains of all time. If you haven't heard of this strain, you probably live in a cave in Afghanistan, or someone you know has already tried it (and probably loves it). The exact lineage of Sour Diesel is complicated and very poorly documented, as seems to be the case with most older strains.

Some believe that the Sour Diesel strain simply descended from a phenotype of Chemdawg that was slightly different and more on the sativa side of the equation. The most popular theory of ancestry is that the original Diesel is the result of a cross between (Chemdawg x Super Skunk x Northern Lights). This mostly sativa hybrid (90% Sativa, 10% Indica) is often referred to as "Sour D" and gets its unique name from the almost diesel and citrus-like smell it gives off.

As far as I know, Sour Diesel only exists in the form of clones, and it is often hard to find. Because of this rarity of the real Sour Diesel, there are many hybrids that have tried to emulate the real Sour Diesel High. Some come very close, but there is nothing that compares to the real Sour Diesel.

Appearance and smell of Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel is a tall, slender plant that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Its foliage darkens to an almost purple colour in the last weeks of flowering. The buds usually have pink to light orange pistils and the formation is loose and spike-shaped.

All the Sour D I have ever grown had a large cola with 6-9 smaller branches.

The scent is very strong, almost overpowering and yet somehow appealing. This is because this strain has a distinct, pungent, grassy, citrusy Diesel smell that comes with an exciting burst of energy. As it has a dominant sativa lineage, it can be assumed that it works mainly on the mind.

The smoke
Fans of the strain usually use Sour Diesel as their first source of medicine to start a long day - you feel awake and ready to go. Because Sour Diesel is so sativa-dominant, it works almost exclusively on cerebral functions. There should be no couch lock or heavy body sensations when consuming if you smoke the real thing.

Sour Diesel tastes exactly like it smells: a classic, funky fuel aroma. That's also why Sour Diesel is so easy to sniff out of a line-up.

The strain is so popular because the high is simply incredible, with over 20% THC and an effect duration of 2-3 hours. Being so sativa-dominant, it fills the body and especially the mind with motivating, uplifting energy. It is a definite mood booster and depression destroyer. Being in a good mood is an effortless and natural feeling when experiencing Sour Diesel.

The overwhelming popularity of Sour Diesel is no coincidence and is no longer just an East Coast phenomenon. The strain is one of the most fascinating strains in the history of cannabis. It makes fun things even more fun; it makes good food taste even better. As a mood enhancer, it simply makes life more fun. The most ordinary evenings quickly become memorable when Sour Diesel is involved. Not only is the strain a mood booster, it has also been shown to be effective in treating depression. Also anxiety, stress and loss of appetite. This strain is worthy of its fame and will always be one of the best strains on the planet.

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