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Northern lights

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Northern Lights Indica strain
Some varieties are simply famous; Northern Lights (Afghanica), however, has achieved legendary status.

If you are a regular cannabis user, there is a very good chance that you have either tried Northern Lights. Or one of the strain's sister strains, such as: Sour Diesel and Shiva Skunk, to name a few. The exact lineage and history of Northern Lights is shrouded in mystery and could be lost forever.

The prevailing theory is that the variety originated in the Pacific Northwest and has few fans. Then it made its way to Holland, where the two best phenotypes were crossed (Northern Lights #5 x Northern Lights #2). NL #5 took the most important role in the cross because NL #5 increases potency and shortens flowering time. NL #2 gives the strain the fantastic taste and smell and contributes to the overall power and strength of the high. Also, NL #2 is a hardier plant with better resistance to mould and pests than other phenotypes.

Appearance and smell of Northern Lights
This variety was beautiful to look at, both up close and from a distance. The eighth specimen I received for this test was in the shape of a large nug, artfully cut. It showed the entire "inner workings" of the bud while still leaving a perfect amount of leaf material to look natural. The colouring was very bright overall with crisp greens and almost golden pistils. northern lights indica strain.

Northern Lights presents itself with compact, dense buds covered in a silvery-white frosting of trichromes, often separated by a few centimetres of stem, making trimming a breeze and delivering an excellent yield. Although the buds are dense and thick (typical indica structure), they are not so impenetrable that bud rot is a big problem - which can be a big problem with many indica strains - making Northern Lights a good indica that can be grown in humid environments.

The aroma is a fresh, herbal and slightly skunky smell from a distance that turns into a complex, sweet citrus-pine aroma with eucalyptus notes when the flowres are crushed. When crushed, the aroma becomes even sharper and takes on a musky citrus quality reminiscent of burnt orange peel mixed with a little pine.

The smoke
Slightly sweet and citrusy on the inhale, more piney and musky on the exhale. The Northern Lights strain definitely tasted like it smelled, although it was slightly less pungent overall. The smoke and flavour had a mellow quality that can best be described as "buttery", but also had elements of expansion that caused coughing fits on larger puffs. Vaporising the bud would probably help to alleviate this. The smooth experience with solid flavour retention with each hit, the bowl ended up a very light grey. Almost white ash, showing that the grower had made a proppier flush.

Some say this is a "creeper" strain, but for me the effect had immediate feelings of euphoria and strong almost overwhelming cerebral effects - and that was just the first puff. After a few more puffs to go with the intense indica high, a very pleasant and calming feeling of well-being and happiness develops. northern lights indica strain.

All in all, Northern Lights is a great example of old-school genetics enlivened by modern growing techniques. The vigorous indica-dominant bud structure with its thick-headed trichromes. And an array of bright colours was wonderful to admire, making it almost hard to smoke such beauty. (I said almost.)

While the smell and taste exceeded expectations, the indica dominance was definitely noticeable. Although technically a hybrid, most consider this strain an indica, with a 95% indica and 5% sativa ratio. This in turn makes the strain a little heavy for daytime operations. Recommended for moderate to experienced smokers. Primarily as an evening or after-work indica, when strong relaxation is desired.

The high typically lasts 2-3 hours and the Northern Lights strain has been proven to treat stress, anxiety and nervousness. Also for irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, depression, chronic pain, back pain, arthritis and other body related problems. I have also found it very helpful for insomnia problems and this strain is now my first choice on sleepless nights.

The only disadvantage of Northern Lights is that the original variety is very rare to find. Most dispensaries do not sell the real strain, but hybrids, but not the real Northern Lights. So do your homework, talk to reputable people, and secure this classic! Contact us


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