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Wedding Cake

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Exotic Wedding Cake Weed Strain
Safely buy wedding cake trunk or exotic wedding cake trunk online for sale with tracking and weeding cake reviews. Unobtrusive. Wedding Cake strain is a delicious hybrid, indica-dominant marijuana strain. Its parents were self-selected for their delicious taste, which are Girl Scout Cookies weed, and Cherry Pie strain marijuana. The parents in turn have genetics also from OG Kush also Durban Poison, and Granddaddy Purple, creating exotic wedding cake strain. not only a delicious weed, but one that packs a serious punch, with THC levels of more than 25 percent.

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Wedding Cake Buds are a strong medicinal strain. The high THC content makes it a consummate mood enhancer as well as a powerful analgesic. Wedding Cake medical marijuana strain can relieve musculoskeletal pain like sciatica, inflammatory pain like arthritis, and neuropathic pain as in fibromyalgia, among other conditions. Neurological conditions such as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease can be treated with medicinal formulations of this variety recommended by a doctor. Many other conditions are recommended and can be legally treated with Wedding Cake marijuana, depending on the laws in different states and countries. Send us a message here


Effects of the Wedding Cake variety
The high produced by this strain is amazingly uplifting and relaxing at the same time. It gives a rush of strength while putting the mind into a phase of relative calm.

Over time, this powerful effect on the body flattens out - especially on the stomach - and awakens hunger and triggers an extreme case of cravings.

Consumers can experience a mild psychedelic high, in which their thoughts develop rapidly and their perception of their surroundings improves.

In the appropriate environment, feelings of euphoria and dizziness can bring about this change in the headspace. This may seem harsh at first, but due to the combination with the indica dominance, relaxation sets in after a short time.

As this relaxation occurs, some users feel a refreshing wave of excitement and density spreading over their upper body and limbs.

Even when sedation sets in, mental stimulation can still be felt, making users feel attuned to their surroundings. It is essential to engage in certain activities such as reading, writing and light physical activity.

Nevertheless, it is definitely not recommended for tasks that require a high degree of machine operation and control (e.g. cooking or driving).

The Wedding Cake strain is a complete THC powerhouse and as such not suitable for newcomers to cannabis culture.

In addition, experienced users should approach this strain with caution. This strain is becoming increasingly popular for its robust yet well-rounded effect, which can be used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. exotic strain Wedding Cake

It is highly recommended to consume this variety only after the sun has set and dinner is ready, because this piece of cake will be the last thing you eat before you go to bed.

Medical benefits of Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake is undoubtedly an excellent cannabis strain for recreational use. Its THC content produces an intense cerebral and physical high that uplifts the user and relaxes the body.

However, the ubiquity of its psychoactive components and their after-effects also have significant curative value.

As a real alternative to opioid-based drugs, it rarely has unwanted side effects such as nausea. On the contrary, it satisfies the stomach and would even stimulate the appetite.

Patients with eating disorders such as anorexia could regain their weight, especially under the supervision of a specialist.

It serves as a sedative and appetite stimulant and is very beneficial for cases that regularly go through depression-associated symptoms, fibromyalgia, MS and other related traits.

With an excellent terpene profile, it is no wonder that Wedding Cake offers therapeutic help for anxiety, arthritis, mild depression, migraines and stress with contemporary effects such as creativity and relaxation.

It can also be used as a sedative for patients, but it helps calm the nerves or manage anxiety-provoking symptoms. Even though it does not completely control concentration and energy levels, it causes the normal drying of the eyes and mouth.

Wedding Cake side effects
The Wedding Cake or Pink Cookie strain has a higher THC content than other cannabis strains, and therefore there are some possible side effects.

With Wedding Cake, one can assume the usual dry eyes and bad breath caused by moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids. It is mild and often neglected by experienced users.

Smoking novices who are affected by the problems can manage the dryness by drinking plenty of fluids.

It is also possible that the absolute potency of Wedding Cake may lead to a greenout. This condition is characterised by a slight dizziness that may develop into anxiety or a subtle feeling of restlessness.

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